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Modern architecture in Berlin is shaped by a history of industrialization, politics, conflict, occupation, immigration, and gentrification. The Forest Floor proposes affordable and transitional housing as Berlin increases efforts to regulate development and provide urban living for long-time citizens, and accommodate
immigrants reac
hing for democratic life. The project calls for the reclamation of existing open space left by Corbusian-inspired ville contemporaine housing of the 1950/60s. This new, low-rise strategy consists of rentable micro and family-
size units paired with market-rate housing. Constructed in cross-laminated timber (CLT) as part of a global solution for carbon sequestration, Berlin’s next challenge for urban growth becomes a metaphoric and literal timberland that accommodates a diverse social-economic habitat.


Peter Wong, Chris Jarrett, Ben Simmons, Lucas Gillie, Callie Watson, Jasir Mills

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