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The designLAB at UNC Charlotte focuses on the role of design as a form of inquiry through targeted speculations, experiments, design competitions, and demonstration projects. Situated in the Dubois Center, the designLAB extends the Ravin School of Architecture’s research focus on the "engaged city," one of six areas of distinction in the School of Architecture. The designLAB employs an integrated methodology that demonstrates how buildings define a problem matrix that intersects urban, social, environmental, economic, technological, and perceptual issues. Launched in 2015, the designLAB is directed by Professors Chris Jarrett and Peter Wong with assistance from students in the School’s graduate and undergraduate programs. The work in this exhibit features six international urban projects that address varying combinations of the housing problem matrix. 

Student Research Assistants

Brendon Bryant

Nazanin Modaresahmadi 

Robby Stubbs 

Claudia Li

Velina Paneva

Stewart Cartmell

Arturo Lujan

Ryan Smith

Pedro Pinera-Rodiguez

Richard Cottrell

Daena Vogt-lowell

Ibha Shrestha

Rafi Lopez

Negar Amini

Jasir Mills

Callie Watson

Ben Simmons

Luca Gillie

Ethan Rhodes

Vamsi Kamatham

Abena Atiemo

Jesse Lohman

Marcial Montoya

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