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The site is located along a city storm channel in an increasingly commercialized district of Anaheim. Bounded by a variety of building conditions, the site can be seen as a residual space caught between layers of zoning ordinances. A utility spine curves to reflect the adjacent utility channel while all three buildings of the program relate to the residential tract to the south and west. The design transforms the conventional air-locked office building into a more humane, natural working environment. The courtyard, serving both the tenants and the neighborhood, is located in the center of the site in reaction to the congested conditions of the context. Underlying these programmatic components is the grid of the city that is used as a device to bring order to the eclectic surroundings.


Chris Jarrett, Krish Suharnoko ,Dan Harmon, Steve McCaskill, Yvonne Yao, Ove Arup Engineers, Burton & Spitz Landscape

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